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Ship Chandler

Bulmar Consult Ltd. is with approved qualities in general ship supply industry and maintains good  contacts with producers of marine equipment as well as with ship owners. Standing of knowledge of shipboard needs, extensive inventories, strategically located facilities and worldwide buying contacts, the team of Bulmar Consult ensures cost-effective vessel supply. Obtaining the majority of our widespread inventories directly from manufacturers ensures immediate availability, consistent quality and competitive pricing.




Bulmar Consult Ltd. is master of 700 sq. m. of stock houses, 10 supply trucks and cars. Company  is operated by more than 20 persons. As a result of our presence on the marine market as a general ship supplier company we became one of the preferred partners of numerous well known ship owners from all over the world.


Our ship chandler activities:

  • Provisions
  • Bonded stores
  • Marine lubricants
  • Technical supplies: engine-deck, galley-cabine-bridge equipment
  • Safety equipment: delivery-checking-testing-certifying
  • Fire fighting equipment: delivery-checking-testing-certifying
  • Pc hardware and software
  • Audio-video equipment and home appliances
  • Divers inspection and works.

Bulmar Consult

West Industrial Area - South, Bulmar Building
Varna, Bulgaria, PO BOX 260

T +359 (52) 55 41 61
F +359 (52) 55 41 60


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